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Welcome Little One!!!

Introducing . . . drum roll . . . Jason Dakota Krucek!!! Arriving in great, yet bruised condition at a meaty 8 pounds, 12 ounces, 21.5 inches long!
Whew! We're SURE glad THAT is over!!! :-)

I've finally had a chance to update the site and, of course, I've changed the format to be a little more organized.

Since we've got a new little one in the picture, I decided to give him his own section. . . so you'll see Austin's pics up until age 2 and you'll get to see the progression of our newest addition as well! :)

Birth Announcement

Has gone out, if you haven't received one - please check it out!
Our adjusting 2 year old!

  • Kissing the baby WAY too much!
  • Wants to play with the Jason constantly
  • Tries to give Jason ALL his toys
  • Tries to feed Jason and give him his milk bottle (at 3 weeks, Jason got bopped on the nose with Austin's milk bottle)
  • Tries to crawl into the crib with Jason

    Growth stats

    Both boys had their 2 week and 2 year check up at the same visit and both are doing well - with a bit of a cough/croup at the moment.

    We're all surviving here and soon to be getting out and about again!!!